Whitelisting Know How

Normally, you will get our e-mail reply without any problem at all.

But just in case, please note...

If you do not get the automated e-mail response within 30 minutes, and if there was no typo above, your ISP/mail service is filtering out our e-mail, by mistake.

What to do?
Check your "Junk" (or "Bulk") folder for the automated reply -- your ISP/mail service may have filtered it there. If not, they deleted it without telling you.
Please do not be upset with your ISP/mail service. Please do not be upset withus, either because this is not our fault -- we did send the e-mail to theaddress you entered. Be angry with spammers, because this is their fault.
Spam is such a enormous problem that all ISPs/mail services filter e-mail nowadays. "False-positives" (filters that drop e-mail by mistake) happen, due to the complexity and the sheer amount of spam they receive.
So what to do?

All customer-focused ISPs and mail services recognize the problemof false-positives. So they provide you with ways to allow the e-mail thatyou specifically want to pass through the filter.
It's kind of like a " manual over-ride of the system," andyour ISP/mail service has most likely provided a simple toolfor you to do it yourself. After all, we sent the mail. You want it. Your ISP's job is to deliver it.
So please whitelist our e-mail address(es) to ensure that you can receive all important support, e-zines, post-order, and other e-mail that you request.
Click on this link to take the whitelisting steps.
>Even if you do receive the automated e-mail reply, it's a great idea to whitelist because filtering software is unstable. What it accepts today, it might reject tomorrow. So please click on the above link to whitelist us.
We only ever send you e-mail that you specifically request and expect.

As noted above, you will normally get our e-mail without any problem at all. But just in case you don't, take the whitelisting steps necessary and then please return to the form you just used and re-send it to us.
All the best,
Your Support Team
P.S. What should you do if you cannot whitelist us?
ISPs or mail services who do not whitelist may provide one or more reasons/excuses for their inability to deliver mail that you specifically want...
1) Your ISP will not do it. They may make up all kinds of excuses, or even blame us, but the bottom line is that they are not delivering e-mail that YOU want. Period.
2) You can't get their support group to tell you how to whitelist. Either they don't answer you, or they dance around the question, or deflect blame.
3) They don't provide the tools to whitelist, or the tools don't work, or it's simply technically impossible for them to do it. For example, the "safe list" at Hotmail does not work when you want to permit an address through their filter. Their shortcomings have become your problem. Switch.
4) Your ISP responds to a whitelist request BY TURNING OFF THE SPAM FILTERSCOMPLETELY. That's like asking someone to put a gate in the high wallaround your house and the reply is... "Sure, we'll just take the ENTIRE walldown." That is an irresponsible and self-focused response to a valid request --it merely turfs the problem back onto the customer, which is an unacceptablereply. Do not accept this poor proposition.
No matter what the reason, it all boils down to the same thing. You have an ISP or mail service that is not fulfilling your most basic of EXPECTATIONS. You won't get what you want with an ISP like that.
So What To Do??
1) Complain... "Deliver My Mail!"
Complain by sending an e-mail to addresses that start with"abuse@" and "postmaster@" followed by the domain of your ISP or mail service (ex., ifyou are using an address@hotmail.com, send your complaint toabuse@hotmail.com and postmaster@hotmail.com). Mail sent tothose addresses has a good chance of being seen. Send itFROM THE ADDRESS YOU USE WITH THAT SERVICE, for emphasis.You might not get a reply, but regardless, it is importantto register a complaint when a company does not deliver theservice that you specifically EXPECT, the delivery of mail.
2) Please click upon the BACK button on your browser, enter a different e-mail address, and e-mail your question again. (If you want to use a free, Web-based address, Yahoo! Mail receives our e-mail without any problem.)
Hey I'm sorry for this bother but it really is not our fault.
We sent the mail. You want the mail. It is the obligation of your ISP/mail service to deliver it, no matter what they say.
For more information about bad ISPs who do not feel it is their obligation to "deliver the mail," please click here.