Ten Tips When Water Colour Painting in Africa

from Gill Van Wyk

Painting in Africa holds certain challenges for the visitor.Gill has kindly popped down ten tips to watch out for with regard to landscape and colour here in Africa, which she hopes you will find useful when you go painting in KwaZulu Natal

  1. Many colours here are warmer than those in Europe.

  2. Burnt Sienna and yellow ochre are used extensively with greens to tone down green when painting trees.

  3. Yellow ochre is often used in tones for the soil and animal fur.

  4. Trees are often flat or seem stunted due to the heat and wind across the plains. Trunks own the deep shades of blue and purple from the sharp light and shade cast by the strong sunlight

  5. Veldt Grass is almost always yellow brown or green brown, gold green bleached so from the instant heat they are subject too from sprouting to seeding

  6. Shadows contain many blues and purples

  7. The sky is usually a warmer blue than that of the European sky.

  8. Waterholes where the water is frequently muddy because of animals drinking and bathing contain shades of brown. Rivers are blackish as a result of the rock and tree roots that the water runs over.

  9. Beaches are pinkish resulting from the coral reefs associated with the Eastern shores of tropical and sub tropical Africa

  10. Mountains become blue and purple in the light of the Southern Hemisphere.

Adventure with colour in your palette can become a holiday in itself!!!!