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Painting Holiday

What's special about this painting holiday?

There's a little twist and it's a goodie!
Everyone gets everything mentioned in the itinerary for the regular price - But...

For every TEN (10) confirmed bookings we get from your group we will give you ten percent (10%) BACK

Just think what extra fun you can have with 10% of 10 tour given back to your group.
Why not start 2008 the fun way, Get your 10% discount today!

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I can't get fairer than that I'm sure you'll agree...

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Please note that rates are subject to change and availability

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When you get home with all those wonderful memories of beautiful paintings remember to visit the new online art gallery for art, illustration and art photography

Show your paintings off to the world or make copies and sell them to finance your next painting holiday! But whatever you do remember to email us your paintings too so we can show them off through

our gallery

for all the world to enjoy.