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  • What is a South African Painting Holiday?
  • Its part art safari, part landscape painting. We take you to the animals, nature and landscapes, with the express aim to capture those images on paper by direct observation. You can expect to be taught to see the world in a different way, taking in detail and vibrant energy as you look. Through your art you will learn about the natural environment. You will return with many unique pictures which will encapsulate your holiday and will inspire your art work at home. In addition you will have had opportunities to see the creativity of the people of South Africa, their history and culture.

  • Can my non-painting partner come too?
  • There are plenty of activities for non-painting partners to do while you are painting.

  • Can I come on my own?
  • Many people choose to paint and travel on their own. You are always part of a group and looked after by your guide and by your art tutor throughout the entire trip. There is absolutely no problem travelling as a single.

  • Isn't it dangerous to sit outside painting in Africa?
  • On excursions into the game parks you are accompanied by trained safari guides and, if necessary, an armed game scout. They will ensure that we are not putting ourselves in any dangerous situations and will watch the bush as we work. On arrival you will be advised how to act around wild animals.

  • What is the balance between art tuition and free time?
  • There will be ample rest time for you to relax and enjoy your surroundings on your own or in the company of your group and most days for at least one session per day you will spend enjoying painting or sketching. Teaching is suited to all skill levels as the focus is on ways of seeing rather than any prescribed techniques.

  • How many other people will be in the group?
  • The group size is kept small, with 10 people as the maximum group size, (larger groups only by arrangement). The small size of the group ensures that you benefit from the art tuition and from the interaction with other artists on your trip. Non-artist partners are of course welcome to join the holiday.

  • Where will we be staying?
  • Your accommodation is at all times comfortable, safe, clean and well located to enjoy the best of the environment. You will have exceptional service. Accommodation includes hotels, lodges and on some holidays, safari camps. Check out the Accommodation page

  • How does your visit benefit South Africa?
  • Your visit to South Africa directly contributes to the income of the local people who support our tours. This is even before you have bought any souvenirs from the makers and everyday you spend in the country helps South African economy and the stability of the tourism industry by contributing to the earning power of the growing workforce in this sector.Most importantly every local artist is likely to gain as much from the experience of meeting you as you will enjoy meeting them and sharing ideas. South African Painting Holidays endeavours to follow eco-tourism guidelines and supports the charity "The GreaterGood South Africa" with their social and community development efforts. Plus with your help if you decide to leave any art materials from your holiday we will give them to the local schools to help out in their art classes, as many schools are very under funded.

  • What insurance do I need?
  • You will need to have valid travel insurance cover for your trip. Your own personal travel insurance cover is a compulsory part of joining one of our groups. While in South Africa you are within a few hours’ drive from private hospitals and there are also airstrips within short distances of our travels.

  • What art materials do you advise taking?
  • A detailed list of what to bring with you is on the materials page

  • What kind of food will we be eating?
  • Due to our eclectic cultural mix in South Africa both vegetarians and meat-eaters will be happy, there is always a delicious selection of fresh food. The style of preparation is mainly Western/European, with many of the vegetables you know, but will include some of our special exotic fruits. Of course there will be the opportunity to savour the traditional dishes and the local wines too.

  • How did South African Holiday Painting start?
  • It was a happy union of people in the same place at the same time and the vision of Sally who wanted to let artists around the world know about the beauty to be painted in South Africa.

  • What wildlife are we likely to see?
  • The private conservancy where you will stay has excellent game viewing throughout the year. It is a Big 5 conservancy with game in abundance; there are elephant, lion, giraffe, hippo, zebra, and antelope of all kinds plus a vast range of our 400+ variety of birds.As anywhere in the world, and especially here, the wildlife is wild and there are never any guaranteed sightings! But we do our best.

  • Is it possible to see the Big Five in a day?
  • You would be very lucky indeed to see lion, rhinoceros, buffalo, giraffe and elephant in a single day. As with all wildlife watching you can never guarantee sightings of any animal but we will do our best to see as much as possible.

  • What medical precautions do I need to consider? Are there malarial mosquitoes in South Africa?

    Make sure you are up to date with your vaccinations. You may need to protect yourself against malaria for our northern holidays so consult your local surgery or visit the NHS Tropical medicine site at and advice.

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