Photography Tips

Take great photos of your painting holiday

Pick up some hot photography tips. Make sure your photos and memories look just as you want to remember them.
Take some great photos to use as references in the future

The Drakensberg offers fantastic scenery and great light but it is very changeable, so to minimize disappointment the professionals recommend using a good camera with good quality film

So what must you check for in a camera?

They recommend a wide angle, medium focal length (about 50mm) and a long lens (200mm or longer)Aperture rating makes a good lens: 2.8 is the best, with up to 4.5 beings OK, but 5.6 or more is for snappers only so don’t expect brilliant photos with it.

Then to help with the changeable lighting you will need some filters.
Use a soft warming filter for most occasions, A circular polariser for harsh light and A graduated grey filter to make bright skies darker.

Find the Camera for your Holiday

Thanks to David Bristow for this information found in his brilliant book “Best walks of the Drakensberg”