Painting in May in KwaZulu Natal


After being closed for five years, the mouth of Lake St Lucia was breached by the effects of a cyclone in the Mozambique Channel. Sea water has started to flow into the nearly dry lake. Then a second weather event opened the mouth even further and the lake started to fill as the sea water flowed north, at the same time as heavy rains fell inland and a strong flow of fresh water started to enter the north of the lake from the Mkuzi River and the Muzi Swamps. The lake has filled to the extent that the north and south basins have joined up and, though very shallow, will increase the animal and birdlife around this World Heritage site making it even more desirable for painters and wannabe painters alike.

If you would like to see and paint in this beautiful location then you must visit our page detailing A tour to Lake St Lucia

Home to one of the most famous hippos - Huberta. But that's a whole other story which I'll tell you when you visit this beautiful area with me.

Now for something completely different

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Come painting in May, or June or July..... It's always a good time to paint in KZN.