Taking a Holiday Painting in KZN?

What to Bring and What not to Bring

We like to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible and to that end we have a goodie bag waiting here for you with everything inside that you will need to paint and sketch your way around KZN with us. If you feel you would like to augment the materials with your own thats fine by us bring it along but remember you will have to carry it too.

Some of the things you might like to bring are:

Your choice of pen (I like an extra fine pen which is permanent and waterproof)
Sun hat
Sunscreen and
A backpack and

The camera
This you will find is very handy to remember the colours but don't click so much that you miss out on doing the all important - drawing.

To get some tips for getting the best from your camera in Africa look at David Bristows Photography Tips and take back the best colour memories for your future paintings

Supplied painting materials:

  • A4-Sketchbook 200g x 20 sheets
  • 5 sheets 300 gms artboard (w/colour paper)
  • A5- spiral Visual diary
  • Pack a soft pencils and
  • A Staedtler pencil rubber

We don't take a lot of paint as Rex Brandt said
"The fewer colors I use, the more my brain can deal with the painting rather than with colors,"

Supplied paints:

  • Cotmans MINI set with 8 half pans
Supplied brushes:
Unless you can't live without them, leave the expensive brushes at home.
  • We will supply you with
    4-Synthetic Sable paint brushes sizes 3,5,8 & 10
    for your painting in KZN
    This way if you want you can simply leave them behind to be used by rural artists afterwards or roll them up and take them home

Other Supplies: We supply EVERYTHING ELSE:

  • Drawing boards
  • Water containers
  • Kitchen towel and
  • Masking tape
  • Chairs
  • Water jar holders
  • and Umbrellas
  • A Surprise special gift at our Welcome dinner

For help with your wardrobe click here