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The people who will take care of your painting and holiday needs

South African Painting Holidays have an amazing line up of painting opportunities and interesting activities, developed especially for your most memorable art holiday yet.

The Tour Operators

We have partnered with are Golf and Game who have for 15years been looking after visitors holidays to South Africa. Our special travel guide Cindy De Vries, has done us proud finding fascinating locations for you to paint as well as sourcing activities especially suited to artists, and to top it all some great places to sleep at night!

Art Tutors

Painting Holidays have carefully sourced Artist Guides who can offer the most to an enjoyable, informative vacation in the unique South African landscape. Not any old artist teacher would do for us. We wanted someone who can impart some of our history, culture and environment and enrich a visiting artist's holiday - and they had to be a great teacher too. We think we've done you proud, why not come and see if you agree...

Gill Van Wyk is a prime example of all of the above. Artist, teacher, Zulu linguist, Art Historian and Zulu Cultural Art student.

Gill also runs the online Painting Circle You can join her in the Painting Circle where you can gain so much information and assistance it will astound you, Gill promises there is something there for everyone no matter how long you have been painting so do click and join us today.

South African Painting Holidays has its very own
We have gathered a selection of art works from several South African painters, mainly to show you their wonderful paintings but if you so wish you may also purchase them to hang in your homes as an everyday memory of your painting holiday

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