Eating Out In South Africa

There is just so much choice

South Africa is very fortunate in that it benefits from all its diverse cultures which live together, especially when it comes to eating. Each culture has its favourite dishes which are regularly eaten at home and we can get to share them at the various venues,
Perhaps the most universal South African dish must be the braai (bar-b-que), cooked traditionally by the men who all pride themselves on being "a great chef"

Now-a-days all sorts of adventurous things are braaied from fish like a nice stuffed calamari, to veg kebabs to boerewors (vorse) - so a tasty time is guaranteed. Friday seems to be braai day and often at lunch on Friday many firms will collect around the braai to chill before going home. Sometime over the weekend they are just as likely to braai again!

South Africa has quite a reputation for its delicious wines, so while visiting it’s a great time to try them out. Ask any Barman to help you choose something to suit your taste buds and look out for wine tastings at stores while you travel around. Once you know what you enjoyed why not visit who have a huge selection of wines from around the country. Here you can order some to be delivered to your home right to your doorstep which is really handy. No more lugging bottles on the plane for you.

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Something Special

Bunny Chow is very special to KwaZulu Natal and well worth a try. It consists of a loaf of bread with the dough taken out and replaced with a very tasty curry. You eat it using the dough to scoop out the meat or veg curry. Absolutely wonderful in winter, after a day on the beach, a safari or following a night out clubbing.

This is a picture of one of my favourite beach restaurants however the choice of restaurants is phenomenal and you won’t have to go far to find something tasty to please both your palate and budget.There are
  • Seafood restaurants
  • Italian
  • Greek and
  • Indian
There are all the usual
  • Fast food takeaways
  • Five star cuisine
  • Café society and
  • Tea shops.
Then there is the informal side, if you go to
  • The markets
You’ll find amazing home cooked food from Bunny Chow to samoosas to pancakes and koeksusters.
You are sure to have a culinary adventure here!and to help you get your bearings as to restaurants that you will find in your holiday areas we have located a guide for you to check out The Guide to Restaurants

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I want to come and paint in South Africa

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