Good Books to Read
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Some ideas for your holiday reading

In Christiaans book he guarantees to get you to KZN without any jetlag especially if you have to travel through several time zones. Christiaan, in his book "How to Avoid Jetlag" shares with you the cure for jetlag, Actually its better than a cure as he shows you how to avoid it all together. That means no tiredness just land and get on with all that painting and fun

Is there a better way to end a great day out in KZN than with a good book?

Here is your invitation to a heavenly utopia
Everything you want to read while on holiday. Or maybe you want to read up on KZN and South Africa before you come. Look below for some good reads.

I have taken the liberty of putting together some South African books for your reading entertainment.

I like to recommend reading something by a South African author. Wilbur Smith is my favourite South African Adventure writer, but check out our Holiday Book List below I'm sure you will find there is something there to satisfy you. Todays 10 Selected South African Books

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Books that help our chosen Charity

African Trees - Charles Bryant and Brita Lomba

African Trees is primarily an art book containing breathtaking images of some of the most extraordinary and beautiful indigenous trees in Southern and East Africa

South Craft Route Travel Guide

KwaZulu-Natal’s crafts represent a deep cultural influence. The Zulu crafters of the region take enormous pride in the intense quality and creativity of their work



Best walks of the Drakensberg
The definitive Guide to the Drakensberg with trail descriptions and maps alongside some great narrative From the Amphitheatre in the north to Bushmans Nek and Sehlaba Thebe in the south. Popular walks and overnight hikes as well as some lesser known challenges. It tells you about the geology, climate, rock art, flora & fauna. A very interesting book and great for hikers
Review by Angie

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Stargazing from Game Reserves
by Tony Fairall Struik
A game reserve is not only ideal for viewing animals, but also the ideal location from which to view stars. This new book is a fun and exciting introduction to the night skies that offers visitors to wildlife reserves (and any out-of-town location) an exciting opportunity to turn their binoculars skyward after dark
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