Art Cafe Mentoring

7 Days Free Help and Advice

Start immediately and be one of the lucky people Gill will mentor on line for 7 days
There is limited space in this programme as Gill doesn't want to skimp on the value time she can give to you, so best be the early bird and sign up now and boost your art with a little help from your friend Gill

Mentoring with Gill

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Let Gill guide you through a painting or sketch. Work at your own pace confident that Gill is right there helping you with any tweaking that will get you to produce work you didn't know you could achieve

Learn about:

  • Using lights and shadows effectively
  • How to create atmosphere in your painting
  • What to paint and what to leave out
  • Turning those lemons into lemonade
  • Make those photos work
  • Plus anything else that Gill finds pertinent to your specific needs and interests.