Painting Circle Free Books

We have managed to get hold of a number of books which are listed below, and instead of charging for them, like everyone else, we decided to give them away with your Painting Circle Membership
For our Painting Circle members they are free downloads so, click away the books are yours.

We hope you will find them fun and helpful and something to enhance your artistic techniques.


An old master W.H.J. Boot wrote this book "Trees and How To Paint Them". It is still being snapped up by artists today who find it helpful when sketching and painting their trees.

Download "Trees and How To Paint Them" here

Written by Derek Pryde who believes that "With colors and design you can express every emotion you feel" and that "each person in their own unique way is an artist. Whether you create the picture with paint, pencil, or computer graphics the point is you are creating. You are expressing yourself in a way that is enjoyable to you" We agree see what you think

Download "Canvas Painting For Beginners" here

Andrew Loomis insists "I am not a cartoonist, but I choose caricature for the beginner: principally because there is fun in it, and from the start I want him to feel a little of the creative joy entitled to him"
Rather a fun way to pick up tips from someone who really can draw with a pencil

Download "Fun With a Pencil" here

This is a whole lot of lessons by John Hagan (1945 -) who writes, paints and educates by telling stories. He takes us through cityscapes, shadows, roads and portraiture in his very useful book

Download "Learn to draw landscape & portrait - easy illustrated lessons" here

Keep checking for when we add more books here...

You can also visit our Bookshop where we source books we think will benefit you in your quest to be a better artist