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Curl up in a comfy chair and enjoy these FUN SHORT ANIMAL STORIES by John English. Enjoy the stories which have become folklore within the fortuitous English family circle. Stories all about African animals.

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When I was ten I moved to a beautiful house with views for miles down the Umwinsi Valley near Harare in Zimbabwe. The house had been built by our friend and architect John English and his wife. It was very modern and lovely sitting on top of a small kopje,(small rocky hill), even to my young eyes. They had used the warm pink stones from the site to build the walls and hammers to make the pattern on the shiny copper chimney in the lounge with it's railway sleeper mantelpiece. They even collected the grasses off the plot and pressed them to use in silk screens instead of brick walls in some places and had a light fitting made from Grandpa's old plough!
It was an awesome place to raise a family.

Just before John sold his house to my family he gave me something I have treasured ever since. It was a slim book that he had written and illustrated. It was the story of how the buck in Africa got their horns. I was totally entranced and love the story to this day, many years later.

As a teacher I have read this story to hundreds of children the world over and as a mother have brought up my four children on it too. I'm now reading it to my grandchildren and still everyone loves this story.

I often wondered if John had ever published

as they have given so many people enjoyment. Eventually many years later I have managed to track him down through my Mum who, unbeknown to me, had kept in touch for all these years.We had a lovely catch up phone call resulting in me managing to cajole John into allowing me to share with you his Story of Buck Horns

I had a surprise in store for me, John has written two other animal stories for the children in his family and he kindly allowed me to read them. Of course they are delightful animal tales which I am very happy to say, that after a bit of coaxing, John has allowed me to present these stories as well, for your reading pleasure.

Then of course John's drawings are so captivating and enjoyable I thought it a shame for them to only be seen in a book. I don't know about you but art brings joy to my everyday life and I love using a mug with a story or a T-shirt that reminds me of a time and place so we have the " Unique Art Gifts " page so you can see John's enchanting stories drawn on various different products so that you too can use his artworks in your everyday life and for special children's gift days

Whatever you choose you will have happy memories of these wonderful stories and are sure to spend the rest of the day with a smile on you face

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