Accommodation To Expect on Your Painting Holiday

Bush Lodges & Hotels

The accommodation is all good
From bush lodges to beautiful hotels in the Drakensberg, beach hotels and B&B's in the midlands.
Browse through the pictures below, I know you will agree.

We stay at:

Lidiko Lodge

In St Lucia, in the heart of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, a World Heritage Site.

It was former president, Nelson Mandela who pointed out that:

“St Lucia Wetland Park must be the only place on the globe where the world’s oldest land mammal (the rhinoceros) and the world’s biggest terrestrial mammal (the elephant) share an ecosystem with the world’s oldest fish (the coelacanth) and the world’s biggest marine mammal (the whale).”

Now that's got to give you a few good art moments, Don't you think?

Champagne Castle

In the pristine Drakensberg air

As the owners pointed out, "Champagne Castle Hotel is the closest you will get to the most dramatic and immediate views of the Escarpment and the "Barrier of Spears", the magnificent ampitheatre of the Drakensberg ('uKhalamba')"

Isandlwana Lodge

In the Battlefields, Isandlwana Lodge is "one of the few places where, from the comfort of your bedroom balcony, you can watch a traditional village come to life in the morning and settle down at the end of the day when the herd boys bring their family’s cattle home" This place with its luxurious accommodation you've got to check for yourself!