What You Want to Know About Gill Van Wyk

Painting in South Africa with Gill Van Wyk

Gill Van Wyk, was born in South Africa, in Queenstown in the Cape but has been in KwaZulu Natal for the past 32 years.
She studied Art History and Zulu Cultural Art at Natal University.
She is married to Dick and they have three children and are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren who cause great excitement when they come for a visit from their home in England.

Gill is a respected member of our South Coast art community and exhibits regularly. She also holds classes throughout the week for adults and children, first timers and those who have been painting a while.

A chat with any student and you'll find she has a knack of getting the best out of her pupils while she passes on her wealth of art knowledge.

Gill has a fascination with Africa and has been painting African scenes for the past fifteen years and although Water colours are Gill's chosen medium she is just as at home using Charcoal and Oils as part of her "Artists Palette"

Her deep commitment to the continent and it's mystery have led her to study and explore the art of the San people and the Zulus as well as her beloved bush.
She is extremely knowledgeable about the trees, birds and of course the animals and will happily impart to you fascinating facts about life in the bush.
She finds that life is never dull, never predictable and she loves it's excitement.

Gill is very happy to have her paintings on everyday ware so that they may be enjoyed every day of the year in a unique way.
Become a collector of her unique art ware:
Pick up a mug or some greeting cards,
A poster as a gift or postcards to send to your friends.
Take a look for yourself it's all great fun

Gill has had a wonderful idea to help anyone with an art problem they just can't figure out. She's calling it her 'Online Art Clinic'
To find out how Gill can help you, go to the Online Art Clinic link in the Art Club and take advantage of her FREE OFFER of advice for your problems when you join

But don't delay in joining as Gill only mentors 75 people at any one time!

How about watching Gill's video of watercolour paintings

Or Join the Art Club where you can watch as Gill paints from start to finish through a painting and a whole lot more to help you get the most out of your painting...