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Painting Tips, Walking a wilderness trail
January 29, 2009
Hi there!

The ultimate experience in the bushveld is walking a wilderness trail.

  • If you like a bit of the rough, you can experience the unspoilt beauty of the natural bush without any of the trappings of civilization by walking out each day from a base camp, returning to your creature comforts only in the evening.
  • Or you can walk from wilderness camp to wilderness camp, where a bucket shower is your only luxury to wash away the dust of the day.
  • Or if extreme hardiness is your style you can carry the bare necessities on your back and make camp wherever the days adventures take you and then stand solitary guard through the night acquainting yourself with the sounds of the African night.

Truly soul cleansing, or so I'm told!

I am not that hardy but I still enjoy viewing our amazing African wildlife in their own environment so I enjoy the safer route of a guided walk with an experienced field ranger who works in the bush every day, and whose senses are attuned to the comings and goings of the natural world. This way I can be exposed to things I would never see on my own and be a whole lot safer than if left to my own devises.

I also enjoy a game drive in the mornings and afternoons as each time of the day has its own special characteristics with light and shade, smells and the wildlife that is active.

You can join me and our own Ranger John at John's Big 5 consevancy. John is used to watching over us painters and allows us to partake in the wonders of animal viewing amongst hills which change colour from green to brown to blues and greys in the distance. He tells us ranger tales and animal facts all in a thoroughly entertaining way. He takes us to beautiful spots to paint and gets us as close as possible to the animals for that photo opportunity that will become the next painting. Then after all the excitment we get returned to our luxurious 4* lodge where we are pampered and fed and left to enjoy the vistas and the painting opportunities.

This is my way to enjoy the privelidge of game viewing. Not too many hardships for me! All you need is a shady hat, loose clothing, a stout pair of shoes, binoculars a sketchbook of course and a camera for those special shots which will inspire paintings for a very long time.

Are you ready for your walk in the bush?

The opportunity to walk through natural bush or grassland, where you can touch, smell, feel the African veld with all your senses is really special. Take the time to experience it on your next South African Painting Holiday.


Bumper Sticker's for painters..

  • "I used to think in black and white....then I met an artist"
  • "Artist's keep it in perspective"

Warm Regards,
Your Holiday Director

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