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Painting Tips, Issue #009 -- Sunsets
September 04, 2008

Paul Talbot Greaves once said,
"For sheer colour indulgence there is nothing quite like a sunset"

Just browse around the internet and you will notice that there are loads of people who have managed to indulge themselves in the colours of some fabulous sunsets. Many artists are so caught up by sky that they become specialist artists, painting almost solely skies. Sky comes in millions of manifestations enough to keep you inspired to paint them forever. Check out my Blog for a few skies painted by Judy Nudds

Personally I love skies and you could be forgiven for thinking that living in Africa we only get boring old blue skies, wall to wall, day after day. On the contrary, however, here it is as changeable as anywhere and what makes sun ups and downs so stunning to me is the strength and brightness of the colours.

There is something quite special about sun-up and sundown in Africa especially if you are lucky enough to enjoy one of the vast country vistas. In the bush, up the berg or on the beach. On our holidays we visit the most divine Big 5 Conservancy where I have sat on my room's private balcony almost touching the veld and watched the sun rise in all it's glorious red. The day before I had sat on a different balcony overlooking the Battlefields where I had witnessed another sunrise that was just as glorious but this time in shades of pinks and purples.

I think that it is very difficult for an amateur to catch the brilliance and extent of sunrises and sunsets whereas you can catch it very well in a painting. Why not come and indulge yourself with some fabulous sunrises and sunsets on a

Beach Bush and Berg
Painting Holiday


Make sure you can get your sunset on paper by ensuring you always mix a sufficient quantity of paint for the task in hand. You will be surprised how much paint is needed to cover an area and trying to remix a colour halfway through will only result in disappointment. You will never match the colour exactly and it will be of a slightly different consistency which will result in a watermark, something not wanted in your painting at all! Thanks to Ian Sidaway for this great tip. A&I Feb 2006

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