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Painting Tips, Issue #005 -- Cave Art
June 26, 2008
Hello again!

"Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century…"
so said Marshall McLuthan

The rock paintings of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg caves in south Africa are now thought to be a stunning 4000 years old and still surviving and a fantastic sight to see.
They were painted by the San people using red, orange, white and black pigments to portray animals, people and hunting scenes.

Some extrodinary paintings have been found like the one of a man riding an eland! Apparently they could well have been ridden as they are a friendly animal and the San are very slightly buildt people.

What is astounding is that these paintings in the harshest gallery in the world being subjected to wind, rain, snow and huge temperature changes and yet still we can view them as if painted recently, well pretty clear anyway.

Now they have been given their rightful status, you are able to take a walk with a local guide who acts as the local custodian and can explain the paintings to you. These simple drawings might be ancient and excecuted with rudimentary materials but they are full of action and tell us some fascinationg stories of a previous life.

Not many of us I fear shall be able to leave such a legacy behind, but you never know, so we keep on painting our stories and leaving them for the world to enjoy.
Be inspired by these fascinating paintings and make some of your own vivid pictorial memories on a South African painting holiday this year

As Valerie Batchelor said in A&I May 2004

"Limit your palette and keep brush strokes simple to bring vigour and freshness"

Keep it simple like the San people did...

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