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Painting Tips, Issue #003 -- Art in the Park 2008
May 22, 2008

One of the top places to see a terrific range and styles of painting being done in South Africa is at Art in The Park in Pietermaritzburg. The Park being just down the road from where I live makes it easy to visit my favourite art show, and I'm so excited as it starts next week.

Last year I had the happy experience of meeting with a Zimbabwean now living in South Africa, Nicky Chovuchovu. We had an immediate bond as I grew up in Zimbabwe too. He now lives in Durban and as far as Iím concerned paints awesome pictures of everyday urban life. I thought it would be nice to highlight some of his work this week.

Nicky prefers to paint in acrylics with bright splashes of colour. He gets wonderful movement into his paintings without loosing his sense of African-ism. His paintings cover topics like: Durban by bus which definitely gets the whole atmosphere of the balancing act of bus travel in Africa.
Farmers Inspection allows us a look at rural living which is still quite subsistence and usually done by the ladies too. Home at last follows the ladies daily rural task of carrying water on their heads, I love this as I just admire them so, I've tried it and it's impossible!
Ladies Platting Hair is something you can see on almost any corner or under any tree, Nicky however chose a suburban garden for this hair plaiting session (it takes hours!) Push Skorokoro it's quite possible to see a bus being pushed by the travellers and Nicky gets the mood so well.
Skippy is my all time favourite of kids skipping in a park. Maybe it's because I used to teach young children but it always makes me smile.
There are loads more lovely paintings of scenes in Africa as Nicky sees them Slow Business, Zulu Love Letter, Night Out, SiyaHamba Manje and Vuka vuka for sell

He says he was influenced by the Fauvist Movement and I feel with a certain amount of tongue in cheek he signs himself, chovu2
Nicky and I have become good friends and I am the proud owner of one of his paintings Daily News
which hangs in my dining room bringing a smile to my face every day.

Who will I meet this year? Well I'll be looking out for Nicky's latest works of art but Iíll let you know who else I bump into.
In the meantime take a look at some of Nicky's paintings here or better still Come on an unforgettable painting holiday to South Africa and Iíll introduce you to Nicky in person!

Watch this space for a Q&A session with Nicky

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