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Painting Tips, Issue #010 -- Painting en situ
September 18, 2008

Today Gill Van Wyk a South African art teacher, artist and tutor to South African Painting Holidays explains why she likes to do her Watercolour Painting en situ.

Gill says, issues such as changing light, people moving in and out of the scene and weather are a few of the aspects that one does not have to contend with when painting in ones studio or indoors wherever you normally work.

Painting out of doors poses new challenges to most amateur and some professional artists. When working outdoors it is important to realise that you need to work fairly quickly and that what you achieve is not always the finished product.

Working outdoors needs simplification, but you needn't be an experienced artist to enjoy the experience and certainly everyone can benefit from the joy of being outdoors and observing your surroundings in more detail on a totally different level to how you usually do.

Gill says she certainly gathers a sense of spiritual connection with her surroundings that never happens when only seeing a place in photographic form.

One of her favorite places to paint en situ is in the African bush where she goes to whenever possible. You can join her on one of her
Painting Holidays and enjoy some fun painting experiences with her!


Working with watercolour Try to avoid painting with your paper lying flat on a table. Rather tilt your paper about 25 degrees. This prevents the paint from making puddles when the paper is flat, and prevents wet paint from running down the paper when the paper is vertical. Unless, of course, you want this to happen! Thanks to Sue Dickinson 2008 for this great tip.

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