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Painting Tips, Issue #001 -- Painting Safari
April 16, 2008

A Wildlife Safari in South Africa

Sketch the animals in the wild

Did You Know South Africa is the home of the BIG 10 ?
Yes the Big 10

Land Big 5 and Marine Big 5

Offering An Unforgettable Animal Adventure and Painting Safari


One of the Greatest Adventures in life is to see animals that are really WILD.
Although in reality, for their own protection, the animals are in Reserves and Game Parks they are as close to wild as it gets in this day and age and the animals are definitely WILD.

South Africa has some of the best wild areas in Africa where you can go looking for the animals while they go about their everyday life. On a South African Painting Holiday you can see the BIG 5 on a private conservancy. The Reserves are teeming with wildlife waiting for you. Rangers who are well versed with life in the bush add much to a safari, game viewing trip we always recommend that you go with a professional because they know where the animals are hiding out and can tell you about interesting animal incidents in the area and share their personal experiences which in itself can be most entertaining. The countryside hasn’t changed much in South Africa from the days of King Shaka so you can savor the whole bush atmosphere and become totally absorbed in the animal world. With luck you will be able to sketch these animals: White and Black Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Antelope you might even be lucky enough to get time to sketch the predators like the Lion, Leopard, and hyena. A Hippo Safari is an unusual way to spy on the hippo pods especially abundant in the St. Lucia Wetland Park. It's a bit of a different feel as one minute you can be watching them and the next they can run under your boat! However a great experience to sketch them while you listen to them laughing - Ha! Ha! Ha!
Well I think they're laughing!

I am giving away a FREE Wild Animal Checklist here
So when you travel to Africa take it with you to help ID the animals you will see there. You will also be able to see more birds in one day in KwaZulu Natal than you would see in a whole year in Europe. Checkout: The Sasol Online Bird Guide and see for yourself...

Once equipped with your checklists all you have to do is get to Africa and keep your eyes peeled for Natures special delivery of animals and birds

Do you need a painting holiday safari to spark up your life? - We highly recommend it as a great way to unwind and get the creative juices flowing...

An artist never really finishes his work…
Paul Ambroise Valery

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