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Painting Tips - Prehistoric relics and rock art
March 31, 2009

Prehistoric relics and rock art

On the roof of a cave in the Injesuthi area of the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park, lie the fossilised footprints of a dinosaur who lived in the area 200 million years ago!

How fantastic is that?

We even know it was a theropod dinosaur or in my language a two-legged meat eater and small relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex
Well small is the operative word here as this theropod reached a length of 6m, and weighed in at about 300kg.

The super continent of Gondwanaland was still intact when this beasty was alive. It later split and after many eons of weathering these caves were formed where we now can see this footprint to remind us of earlier times on the planet.

I must say it really is quite a privilege living here in KwaZulu Natal and being able to view history at my elbow to see almost whenever I want. We have not only dinosaur memories but more recently, well comparatively so, we have man's first art work which is abundantly scattered around cave walls and still well preserved and it's right here on my doorstop.

If you are even mildly interested in human history you canít help but be inspired by a trip down South Africa's memory lane of caves. You can come and see fantastic paintings that still survive today even though they have been left out in all weathers, (thatís what really fascinates me) I promise they will inspire you and your painting so you too will be wanting to leave a painting or two to be revered in the distant future! Well, we can dream hey? So why not come on a South African Painting Holiday and take in the old, the new and a whole lot of wild as well. We'll look after you while you explore places and your painting techniques with a qualified tutor.

A Great Holiday Idea

On a light note look what I found on the artist network forum to make us all smile this week...

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